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About us

Ever since our origins back in 1992, we have been designing and successfully deploying state-of-the-art, customized IT solutions for business customers in the private and public sector. EOS was one of the first companies in the region to offer symmetrical multiprocessing fault-tolerant systems. Our founders and owners have authored Po prostu Unix, one of the first UNIX textbooks in Poland. We specialize in the automotive and fleet sector, and can support your business with services in three areas:

Business analysis and software developmentSoftware development apps computer programming word tag cloud

Our approach is to provide you with end-to-end needs management. We develop customized software in a process centered around business analysis followed by requirement engineering. This involves eliciting, documenting, analzying and tracking realistic, relevant and mutually compatible requirements which the software will have to meet in order to support business processes in a sensible way. We support you all along the journey, from the inception of a great business idea, through needs assessment, design, development and procurement, all the way down to the deployment of the software solution. The Integrated Vehicle Management System (IVMS) is our most representative software product.

Project management consultingword cloud - project management

Today’s project manager must be an agile player in an organizational environment which includes complex management and reporting structures, often subject to „political” influences. Organizations need the kind of project management culture that allows proper positioning of the project manager, including appropriate communication channels and decision authority.

Urgent deadlines and budget constraints in challenging, globalized projects make the project manager’s job anything but trivial, requiring efficient methods and IT tools. We are happy to offer you outsourced project management as well as consulting, training and coaching. Our aggregated experience in project management is a unique blend based on several perspectives:

  • delivering project management services for IT-focused and business-focused projects
  • developing IT solutions over more than two decades
  • ten years of academic activities: lectures, workshops and trainings

Information security consulting

There is more to security than analyzing the configuration of IT systems and networks. Some tricky questions must be answered:

  • How do we know that the information and business processes indispensable for our organization are secure?
  • Is crucial information being provided to the right recipients at the right time?
  • Which key busines processes can be disrupted owing to a system failure?
  • Are we aware what areas of information should be protected from what kind of threats?

We will gladly help find answers to these questions. Our security audits and tailor-made information security solutions take into account all areas impacting information security: legal requirements, security management processes, staff knowledge and awareness, physical access control to buildings and facilities, and modes of cooperation with third parties. We provide measurable and sustainable safety.